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Studio Professional FUNK


Professional funk studio application came with a lot of options for you to create your perfect funk, indicatedfor all DJs and beginners in the world of funk.With this application you will have a set of funk bases points, samples, chapels and various sounds to further improve itsfunk production.You can sing while doing the remix with funk beats, the end of the recording you can play and share in severalplaces your recording is in social networking and Bluetooth, it is automatically saved, the result of the recording is saved to mp3.After launching the application you will have the option to read a brief tutorial explaining how to easily produce and record his funk musicwithout spending anything, the way to use the application's sound is very similar to a funk MPC, after making your recording is indicated goestudiodefunk to the folder on your card and copy the music, because the application only works with one recording at a time to avoidtake up much memory space.The application is so easy that can be used by anyone, with one package, you will produce, sing, record andshare their own national Brazil funk music.Be sure to check this complete and professional studio funk production, totally free, be sure to give your suggestionfor future updates.